Sussex Police

and the former constituent forces of
Parish of Brighthelmstone, Brighton Borough Police, Eastbourne Borough Police, Hastings Borough Police, Sussex Combined Police, East Sussex Constabulary, West Sussex Constabulary and Sussex Constabulary.


Parish of Brighthelmstone
Constable Thomas Rowles
Died 6 November 1817
Fatally wounded when accidentally bayoneted by the military during a riot.

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Brighton Borough Police
Chief Officer Henry Solomon
Died 14 March 1844, aged 49
Fatally bludgeoned by a thief he was questioning at the police office.

Police Constable Albert Edward Craig
Died 16 November 1940, aged 31
Fatally injured in a collision with a motor lorry while cycling to duty.

Police War Reserve Constable Lawrence Holford
Died 30 April 1941, aged 48
Killed on duty as two allied aircraft collided and he was hit by debris.

Police War Reserve Constable Harold Stone
Died 18 December 1942, aged 40
Killed by enemy action whilst on duty during an enemy air raid.

Police Constable Frank William Barker
Died 25 May 1943, aged 33
Killed in an enemy air raid after moving a party of children to safety.

Police Constable Kenneth Grinstead
Died 25 May 1943, aged 31
Killed by enemy action whilst on duty during an enemy air raid.

Police Constable Arthur Frederick Yerrill
Died 5 October 1951, aged 57
Fatally injured when he fell alighting from a bus while reporting for duty.

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Eastbourne Borough Police
Inspector Arthur Walls
Died 9 October 1912, aged 44
Shot and fatally wounded when he challenged a suspected burglar.

Sergeant Dennis John Owens
Died 26 October 1940, aged 37
Killed dealing with an unexploded bomb following an enemy air raid.

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Hastings Borough Police
Special Constable Nelson Oliver Hugh Kemp
Died 26 September 1940, aged 33
Killed in an enemy air raid, duty status unknown.

Police Constable John King
Died July 1955, aged 38
Collapsed and died at St. Leonards shortly after reporting for night duty.

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Sussex Combined Police
Police War Reserve Constable Herbert Edward Smith
Died 9 July 1943, aged 32
Killed in enemy air raids, duty status unknown.

Special Constable Leonard Price
Died 27 July 1944, aged 51
Killed in enemy air raids, duty status unknown.

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East Sussex Constabulary
Police Constable Walter Jesse Nicholls
Died 14 January 1939, aged 24
Fatally injured on motorcycle patrol in a collision with an oncoming car.

Sergeant Reginald Arthur Gillis
Died 7 June 1939, aged 36
Fatally injured on motorcycle patrol at Lewes when his machine lost control.

Special Constable Henry Thomas Welfare
Died 8 November 1940, aged 62
Killed by enemy action while on duty during an air raid.

Police Constable Clement Robert Harris
Died 3 July 1951, aged 53
Fatally injured when struck by a motorcycle whilst on bicycle patrol.

Sergeant Reginald Huggett
Died 12 February 1959, aged 41
Killed when he was struck by a van while in uniform but going off duty.

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West Sussex Constabulary
Sergeant William Pullen
Died 10 June 1905, aged 49
Fatally injured when hit by train as he crossed the line going off duty.

Police Constable John Norris
Died 26 August 1905, aged 28
Fatally injured when he fell onto his lamp while running home after duty.

Police War Reserve Constable Arthur S. Wilton
Died 4 October 1939, aged 34
Killed while on bicycle patrol when struck by a bus during the blackout.

Sergeant William James Avis DCM
Died 26 February 1942, aged 47
Fatally shot with civilian Francis Fuller attempting to arrest an army deserter.

Special Constable Charles Ernest Hall
Died 10 February 1943, aged 59
Killed in an enemy air raid, duty status unknown.

Police Constable Arthur Sivertson Rovik
Died 21 July 1952, aged 39
Killed when thrown from his horse while training for mounted duty.

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Sussex Constabulary
Police Constable Ashley Graham Williams
Died 22 May 1968, aged 22
Accidentally killed in a collision with two cars while on motorcycle patrol.

Police Constable Peter Graham Walker
Died 27 February 1970, aged 19
Killed in a road accident returning home from the police training centre.

Police Constable Christopher Westwood
Died 8 June 1972, aged 25
Fatally injured when his police motorcycle collided with a lorry.

Police Constable Royston Victor Jerred
Died 4 April 1973, aged 27
Killed when struck by a car while on a police motorcycle training course.

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Sussex Police
Police Constable Paul Christopher Clout
Died 27 August 1977, aged 29
Killed in a police car which crashed responding to an emergency call.

Detective Constable Peter Graham Steedman
Died 15 August 1979, aged 32
Died as a result of injuries received in a traffic accident whilst on duty in 1978.

Police Constable David Arthur Allwright
Died 5 November 1981, aged 34
Fatally injured in a road traffic accident while on duty at Warninglid.

Police Constable Dennis James O'Leary
Died 21 November 1981, aged 32
Killed when he lost control of his police vehicle which crashed at Petworth.

Police Constable Richard Gideon Morris
Died 9 October 1984, aged 20
Fatally injured when knocked off his motorcycle while travelling to duty.

Police Constable Neil Gordon Booth
Died 23 August 1987, aged 30
Fatally injured in a road accident testing a new police motorcycle.

Police Constable Jeffrey Barry James Tooley
Died 25 April 1999, aged 26
Fatally injured by a speeding van, which failed to stop at a road check.

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