Lincolnshire Police

and the former constituent forces of
Boston Borough Police, Parish of Hemingby, Parish of Holbeach, Lincoln City Police Fire Brigade, Lincoln City Police and Lincolnshire Constabulary.


Boston Borough Police
Police Sergeant Joseph Owen Jakes
Died 25 June 1934, aged 36
Died from injuries received on 21 June, when he was knocked down while he was directing traffic late at night outside a circus ground.

Special Constable Arthur Sydney Showler
Died 8 February 1940, aged 37
Drowned when he fell into the dock waters at Boston while on foot patrol at night.

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Parish of Hemingby
Parish Constable Thomas Bett Gell
Died 15 October 1876, aged 53
Having gone to the assistance of a woman being attacked by her son late in the evening, he was repeatedly struck on the head with a rail by the man and received severe head injuries from which he died early the next day.

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Parish of Holbeach
Parish Constable William Alcock
Died 14 July 1838, aged 68
Violently assaulted on 29 June, while attempting to quell a riotous mob who had attacked the house of a clergyman, following Coronation Day festivities at Holbeach, and subsequently died from his injuries.

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Lincoln City Police Fire Brigade
Police Fireman Alfred Clay
Died 24 August 1911, aged 38
Killed while fighting a fire in the early hours at a Lincoln motorcycle factory, when he was buried by the collapse of a wall as he ascended a ladder to the third storey.

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Lincoln City Police
Police Constable Charles William Brian
Died 18 May 1935, aged 49
Died in hospital from injuries received on 13 May when he was knocked down by a car while cycling on night duty with his sergeant who was slightly injured.

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Lincolnshire Constabulary
Police Constable Alexander McBrian
Died 1 November 1860
Died from injuries received in the early hours of 25 October, when he challenged a suspected poacher in fields at Wyberton who, without warning, shot him at close range with a double barreled shot gun.

Police Constable William Reynolds Woolley
Died 26 August 1905, aged 37
Collapsed and died during a violent struggle with a man he had arrested for being drunk and disorderly and was attempting to handcuff at Spilsby.

Police Constable Robert Dodds
Died 6 June 1938, aged 39
Fatally injured when the motorcycle combination on which he was patrolling suddenly seized and he was thrown from the machine.

Police Constable William Gordon Ward
Died 29 May 1941, aged 20
Fatally injured by the detonation of an unexploded bomb, which he attempted to remove from the street after an air raid at Grimsby.

Police War Reserve Constable George Gouldby Wrighton
Died 27 January 1945, aged 42

Asphixiated in a police box after a gas main was fractured during an enemy air raid at Cleethorpes.

Police Constable Allan Richard Holmes
Died 21 May 1958, aged 31
Sustained fatal head injuries on the late evening of 17th May, when a tyre burst on his police motorcycle and he was thrown from the machine, while travelling to a conference point at his home at Welton.

Police Constable Ian Robert G. Mavor
Died 14 June 1969, aged 23
Killed when the car in which he was receiving police driving instruction ran off the road and overturned also injuring three other officers.

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Lincolnshire Police
Police Constable Terence James Moncaster
Died 7 January 1977, aged 29
Killed, and a 17 year old female Police Cadet seriously injured, when his Traffic patrol car collided with a lorry, then went off the road, crashed through a stone wall and burst into flames near Harpswell.

Detective Sergeant Keith Whitlam
Died 16 September 1981, aged 40
Killed in a road accident while driving on duty, together with two other people, when their cars collided near Lincoln.

Police Constable Andrew Ian Archer
Died 8 June 1992, aged 31
Fatally injured in a motorcycle accident while on traffic patrol duty.

Police Constable John Charles Palmer
Died 21 January 2002, aged 33
Died as a result of injuries sustained on the afternoon of 15 January, while on routine patrol, when his police car was in collision with a lorry on the A1104 between Alford and Mablethorpe.

Police Constable Stacey Victoria Pyke
Died 15 January 2007, aged 20
Died in a car crash when her vehicle was in collision with a car near Market Deeping whilst she was driving home after her first full night duty at Spalding.

Special Constable Scott Bennett
Died 3 November 2012, aged 24
Died in a collision when his car was in a collision with a lorry as he travelled to attend officer safety training.

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