North Yorkshire Police

and the former constituent forces of
North Riding of Yorkshire Constabulary, York Police Fire Brigade and York City Police.


North Riding of Yorkshire Constabulary
Police Sergeant James Weedy
Died 19 September 1890, aged 43
While on his rounds at Leeming, late at night, he was attacked by a man he had warned regarding his conduct earlier that evening; as he attempted to arrest the man he was shot through the neck at close range and killed.

Police Constable William L. Bell
Died 22 July 1915, aged 31
While returning from firearms drill at Saltburn, he examined a defective revolver and after firing a test shot he was handing it back to his sergeant when it accidentally discharged and he was shot in the body and killed.

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York Police Fire Brigade
Police Constable Fireman John Henry Burdett
Died 31 October 1905, aged 48
Pensioned on 3 July after being paralysed when, on 5 February at a fire at the Railway Station, while carrying a hose on the coal drop he fell down a shute in the darkness, breaking his back as a result of which he later died.

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York City Police
Police Sergeant Albert Wilkinson
Died prior July 1942, aged 49
Died suddenly, his death being accelerated by the arduous work he performed in rescuing trapped people from bombed houses during the air raid on the city.

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North Yorkshire Police

A/Detective Constable Norman Garnham
Died 2 March 1977, aged 25
After finishing duty late at night at Skeeby, he stopped to check a suspicious youth who ran off, he chased and caught him and was arresting him, when he was stabbed twice in the chest and fatally wounded.

Police Constable David Ian Haigh
Died 17 June 1982, aged 29
Fatally wounded when he was shot in the head by a suspect he was questioning in a car in the early morning at Norwood Edge Plantation near Harrogate.

Police Sergeant David Thomas Winter
Died 28 June 1982, aged 31
During a manhunt for the killer of Constable Haigh and others, he confronted a suspect at Malton who drew a gun, the unarmed officer tried to evade the gunman but he was shot three times, including twice in the head, and killed.

Police Constable Keith Summerbell
Died 20 September 1982, aged 26
Killed while undergoing police motorcycle training when his machine went out of control on a bend and he collided with an oncoming lorry.

Special Constable Glenn Thomas Goodman
Died 7 June 1992, aged 37
While on mobile patrol with a regular officer, they were questioning two men in a car in the early hours near Tadcaster when, without warning, both officers were shot and he was fatally wounded.

Police Constable Robert Michael Ingram
Died 27 August 1993, aged 28
While attending an emergency call in the early hours to a domestic incident in Scarborough, his patrol car left the road and collided with a tree in the forest of Silpho and he was fatally injured.

Police Constable Richard Ellerker
Died 26 December 1993, aged 42
Whilst on foot patrol in York he arrested a drunk and violent male. Sustaining injuries, a short while later he collapsed and died of a heart attack.

Police Constable Glenn Robinson
Died 27 July 2005, aged 46
Killed in a road accident while returning home from duty at Skipton when his motorcycle was in collision with a car on the A59 near Kettlestring.

Police Constable Andrew Bramma
Died 5 January 2013, aged 32
Whilst responding to an emergency call his patrol van left the road and struck a tree in West Tanfield, near Ripon causing fatal injuries.

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