Gloucestershire Constabulary

and the former constituent force of
Parish of Ruardean.


Parish of Ruardean
Parish Constable Henry Thompson
Died 14 May 1817, aged 31
Attacked by four men armed with bludgeons, who were attempting to free a woman he had earlier arrested for theft at Lydbrook; he arrested one of them but was shot through the heart with a concealed screw gun and killed.

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Gloucestershire Constabulary
Police Sergeant Samuel Beard
Died 24 August 1861, aged 37
Died from a fractured skull and other injuries received on 17 August, when he was bludgeoned and kicked by four poachers, whom he had confronted late at night near West Dean in the Forest of Dean.
An inscribed headstone was erected on his grave in Littledean Churchyard.

Police Sergeant William Morris
Died 10 November 1895, aged 32
Fatally injured when struck on the head with a brick, causing a fractured skull and broken neck, after three men, whom they had warned regarding their disorderly conduct in the early hours, attacked him and another officer at Viney Hill, Forest of Dean.
An inscribed headstone was erected on his grave in Lydney Churchyard.

Police Sergeant Frederick Hale
Died 1 June 1904, aged 43
Found drowned in the Gloucester & Berkeley Canal at Hempstead Bridge, Gloucester, there being no evidence to show how he got into the water but apparently having accidentally fallen in while patrolling his beat on the banks of the canal during the early hours.

Police Constable Ernest Albert Cooper
Died 8 November 1916, aged 40
Died as the result of injuries received in a bicycle accident whilst on duty at Mitcheldean.

Police Constable Walter Henry Hayward
Died 26 July 1920, aged 29
Died as a result of injuries received on 24 July near Oxenhall, Newent, where he was found unconscious in the roadway by his damaged cycle, apparently having accidentally fallen from his bicycle whilst on patrol.

Special Constable Ronald Walter Clement Smith
Died 19 August 1940, aged 56
Shot in the back and fatally wounded by a member of the Home Guard, after he had mistakenly driven his car past a checkpoint near Lydney, while going off guard duty during the blackout.

Police Constable Morton John Chappell
Died 16 April 1964, aged 24
Killed in a road accident, while questioning the driver of a lorry, which he had stopped at Stroud, when it was hit by another vehicle.

Police Constable Paul James Pursehouse
Died 15 March 1967, aged 26
Killed in a road traffic accident when his patrol car went out of control and overturned between Gloucester and Lydney.

Chief Inspector Kenneth William George Rogers
Died 28 November 1989, aged 48
While travelling to duty at Police Headquarters Control Room, the motorcycle he was riding was in collision with a van at Chaxhill and he was killed instantly.

Detective Constable Steven Terence Jeffreys-Jones
Died 26 February 2007, aged 47
Whilst on duty at Cheltenham Police Station he became unwell as a result of which he returned home where he died soon afterwards from heart failure.

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