Essex Police

and the former constituent forces of
Parish of Berden, Saffron Walden Borough Police, Colchester Borough River Police, Essex Constabulary, Southend-on-Sea Constabulary and Essex & Southend-on-Sea Joint Constabulary.


Parish of Berden
Parish Constable Henry Trigg
Died 25 March 1814, aged 36
Shot dead attempting to apprehend two burglars in his shop at night.
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Saffron Walden Borough Police
Head Constable William Campling
Died 9 November 1849, aged 53
Shot and fatally wounded when ambushed outside his own house.
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Colchester Borough River Police
Police Constable Henry Ernest Wright
Died 1 August 1899, aged 21
Accidentally drowned on duty while swimming from his patrol boat.
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Essex Constabulary
Police Constable Robert Bamborough
Died 30 November 1850, aged 43
Fatally injured when beaten by a prisoner he was escorting to gaol.

Police Constable Edward James Willsmore
Died 29 March 1851, aged 27
Drowned when his boat capsized while protecting the oyster fishery.

Police Constable John Smith
Died 28 December 1858, aged 48
Accidentally drowned whilst in the execution of his duty.

Inspector Thomas Simmons
Died 24 January 1885, aged 40
Shot and fatally wounded when he challenged 3 suspected burglars.

Police Constable Edward Raven
Died 7 August 1886, aged 50
Drowned when his boat capsized returning to his beat at Foulness.

Acting Sergeant Adam John Eves
Died 15 April 1893, aged 36
Savagely beaten and hacked to death by a gang of thieves at night.

Sergeant John Harvey
Died 5 January 1894, aged 36
Found drowned head first down a well in suspicious circumstances.

Police Constable Walter Reeve
Died 16 February 1911, aged 43
Found drowned in the river after being missed from his beat at night.

Police Constable Joseph Watt
Died 8 September 1913, aged 32
Fatally injured while endeavouring to stop a runaway horse and van.

Special Constable Joseph Benjamin Thomas
Died 28 December 1914, aged 44
Drowned when he fell into a culvert on patrol during stormy weather.

Police Constable Thomas Arthur Wake
Died 8 February 1927, aged 32
Died from injuries sustained on duty in 1926 when hit by a motorcycle.

Police Constable George William Gutteridge
Died 27 September 1927, aged 38
Shot dead while questioning two men he stopped in the early hours.

Detective Constable Maurice George Lee
Died 16 November 1940, aged 29
Killed on guard duty when Police HQ was hit by bombs in an air raid.

Police Constable Alexander Simpson Scott
Died 16 November 1940, aged 26
Killed on guard duty when Police HQ was hit by bombs in an air raid.

Police War Reserve Constable John William Towers
Died 26 January 1941, aged 52
Fatally injured by a lorry while recovering a body on a hand bier.

Sergeant David Evan Bowen Lewis
Died 14 July 1946, aged 44
Collapsed and died when called to deal with a disturbance on a bus.

Sergeant Edmund Sleigh Frost
Died 8 April 1948, aged 41
Died as a result of injuries received in an assault by a military deserter in 1946.

Police Constable Sidney Leslie Dodd
Died 24 February 1957, aged 32
Knocked down and killed by a car while on bicycle patrol.

Police Constable Brian Arthur Rippingale
Died 2 September 1968, aged 27
Accidentally killed when struck by a car while chasing a suspect on foot.
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Southend-on-Sea Constabulary
Police War Reserve Constable Edward Jack Gillingham
Died 14 October 1940, aged 38
Killed off duty in an enemy air raid.
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Essex & Southend-on-Sea Joint Constabulary
Police Constable John Frederick Shrimplin
Died 2 March 1970, aged 32
Accidentally killed when struck by a car while on motorcycle patrol.
Police Cadet Lesley Anne Beet
Died 13 March 1974, aged 18
Drowned when her canoe capsized with a supervised party of cadets.
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Essex Police

Inspector Special Constabulary Henry Cosham
Died 17 June 1944, aged 54
Whilst walking home collapsed and died after night duty at Chelmsford Police Headquarters.

Chief Inspector George Albert Manning
Died 26 December 1976, aged 56
Fatally injured when a patrol car responding to a burglary crashed.

Police Constable Leslie Bloom
Died 5 January 1978, aged 30
Killed when his motorcycle struck a parked van while travelling to work.

Police Constable Peter James Wringe
Died 4 July 1982, aged 23
Fatally injured in a fall through the roof of premises he was searching.

Police Constable Stephen Fletcher Greet
Died 14 August 1984, aged 26
Killed by a passing lorry while checking a car on the motorway.

Acting Sergeant Brian John Bishop
Died 27 August 1984, aged 37
Shot and fatally wounded when challenging an armed suspect.

Police Constable David Roy Worsfold
Died 5 March 1987, aged 28
Killed while observer in a traffic car which lost control and crashed.

Police Constable Stephen Taylor
Died 1 June 1989, aged 31
Overcome by fumes in a sunken barge while on police diver training.

Police Constable Andrew John Morrison
Died 2 June 1989, aged 34
Overcome by fumes in a sunken barge while on police diver training.

Police Constable Jo-Ann Jennings
Died 12 November 1989, aged 23
Killed in a patrol car which crashed while responding to a disturbance.

Police Constable Christopher John Wiggins
Died 13 October 1992, aged 29
Killed by a lorry while protecting the scene of a car fire on the motorway.

Police Constable Rodney John Leake
Died 20 June 1996, aged 49
Killed while on routine motorcycle patrol when in collision with a lorry.

Police Constable Robert Foster
Died 10 August 1998, aged 44
Collapsed and died of heart failure on a firearms course in Yorkshire.

Police Constable Roderick Norton Daniels
Died 8 February 2001, aged 53
Having stopped to assist a motorist he was struck and fatally injured by a speeding car being driven by a disqualified driver.

Police Constable Gary John Veal
Died 13 January 2002, aged 36
Fatally injured protecting the scene of a breakdown when hit by a car.

Sergeant Robert George Walsham
Died 29 January 2008, aged 48
Killed in a motorcycle accident while travelling to report for duty at Colchester.

Police Constable Ian Dibell
Died 9 July 2012, aged 41
Whilst off duty in Clacton-on-Sea he had cause to intervene in an incident close to his home. Protecting the public from an armed male he sustained fatal gunshot wounds.

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