Dorset Police

and the former constituent forces of
Bournemouth Borough Police and Dorset Constabulary


Bournemouth Borough Police
Police Sergeant Ronald Mayne Roffey
Died 22 August 1956, aged 37
Drowned attempting to save his only child, a girl aged 13, who got into difficulties bathing whilst the family was on holiday in Jersey, he swam out to her assistance but both perished.

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Dorset Constabulary
Police Constable Thomas Bishop
Died 21 September 1877, aged 37
Beaten and struck with stones by a drunken man, whom he had warned regarding his conduct on the night of 20 September at Bere Regis, sustaining a fractured skull from which he died the following morning.

Police Constable Sidney George Wood
Died 26 April 1908, aged 27
While he was searching for a thief, he lost control of his bicycle when descending a steep hill at Charmouth, his machine crashed and he sustained a fractured jaw and skull and died soon afterwards.

Police Constable Wilfred Charles Viney
Died 25 July 1930, aged 31
While on plain-clothes duty, attached to the new special night patrol at Weymouth, he was riding pillion on a police motorcycle at midnight on 24 July, when it crashed into a wall and he was fatally injured.

Police Constable Sidney F. Loader
Died 8 September 1938, aged 40
Died as a result of a broken pelvis and severe injuries received in a road traffic accident on 6 September, when he was in collision with a car whilst cycling round his beat at Winterborne Abbas.

Police Constable Alfred E. Head
Died 19 October 1938, aged 46
Died as a result of injuries received on 13 October, whilst cycling to give evidence at court, when he ran into the rear of a stationary lorry in bad weather at Poole and an overhanging timber struck him in the chest.

Police Constable Stanley Ivor Marsh
Died 9 February 1939, aged 24
Died from an illness resulting from injuries received in an accident when attempting to stop a motor car some 12 months earlier.

Reserve Police Constable Walter Charles Billett
Died 5 July 1940, aged 61
While cycling to report for duty at Poole in the blackout, he fell from his bicycle and died shortly afterwards.

Police Constable Cecil Robert Budden
Died 19 May 1957, aged 27
Fatally injured, when he sustained a fractured skull in a collision with a car in a road traffic accident, while on motorcycle patrol near Yeovilton.

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Dorset Police
Inspector Kenneth Frederick Innell
Died 13 December 1982, aged 44
Collapsed and died during an incident while on duty at Poole Quay.

Special Constable Sean Oxford
Died 7 May 1992, aged 21
Collapsed and died while taking part in warm up exercises prior to self defence training at Police Headquarters, Winfrith.

Police Constable Stephen Wilson
Died 16 May 1996, aged 37
Died as a result of complications of severe leg injuries sustained in a road traffic accident on 4 May, when his moped was in collision with a car which turned across his path, while travelling to report for night duty at Christchurch.

Inspector Ian Leslie Toomer
Died 20 April 1999, aged 50
Fatally injured in a road accident during the early hours, when he lost control of his unmarked police vehicle, which crashed into a cottage in wet weather near Winterborne Abbas.

Detective Constable Robin Povall
Died 7 March 2003, aged 50
While cycling home from duty at Weymouth he was in collision with a car, which had turned across his path, and he sustained fatal injuries.

Detective Constable Ian James Morton
Died 26 October 2008, aged 32
Killed in a road traffic accident while travelling to report for duty at Bournemouth, in the early morning, when his vehicle left the road and crashed into the wall of a bungalow at Highcliffe.

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