Cleveland Police

and the former constituent forces of
Middlesbrough County Borough Police, North Riding of Yorkshire Constabulary, Teesside Constabulary and Cleveland Constabulary


Middlesbrough County Borough Police
Detective Sergeant John Tomlin
Died 18 October 1874, aged 43
Died after suffering ill health since a violent assault during an arrest.

Police Constable William Henderson
Died 14 April 1893, aged 37
Shot dead attempting to disarm a mentally deranged man with a rifle.

Special Constable Patrick Reed
Died 19 February 1915, aged 37
Drowned when he accidentally fell overboard from the police launch.

Inspector John Burney
Died 25 December 1920, aged 45
Collapsed and died after being violently assaulted during an arrest.
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North Riding of Yorkshire Constabulary
Police Constable William Bell
Died 22 July 1915, aged 31
Accidentally shot with a revolver during firearms drill at Saltburn.

Police Constable Henry Walker
Died 27 November 1927, aged 54
Died of injuries sustained in 1926 in an accident on duty at South Bank.

Special Constable Richard Francis Hindmarch
Died 10 August 1940, aged 53
Killed by enemy action during an air raid at the iron works at Loftus.

Special Constable Hubert Whitworth Adams
Died 25 August 1940, aged 63

Special Constable Edwin Henry Brooks
Died 25 August 1940, aged 46

Killed by enemy action whilst on patrol in an air raid at Grangetown.

Special Constable Joseph Roebuck
Died 21 October 1941, aged 43

Special Constable William John Smallwood
Died 21 October 1941, aged 50

Killed by enemy action during an air raid at Redcar.

Police Constable George Poulson
Died 6 August 1962, aged 36
Killed on bicycle patrol when struck by a drunk driver near Redcar.
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Teesside Constabulary
Woman Police Constable Ann Lakey
Died 19 October 1970, aged 24
Fatally injured in a police vehicle accident answering an alarm call.

Detective Constable Peter Coulson
Died 24 January 1971, aged 30
Fatally injured in a road traffic accident while on duty in a CID car.
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Cleveland Constabulary
Police Constable Charles William Collett
Died 16 October 1992, aged 43
Drowned trying to rescue a boy in the sea while on holiday abroad.
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Cleveland Police
Police Constable Alan Duffy
Died 20 June 1997, aged 44
Killed while cycling to early turn duty when he was struck by a car.
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