Cambridgeshire Constabulary

and the former constituent forces of
Borough of Huntingdon, Cambridge Borough Police, Huntingdonshire Constabulary and Mid-Anglia Constabulary.


Borough of Huntingdon

Police Constable Thomas Saunders Lamb
Died 23 December 1841, aged 28
Found drowned in the River Ouse on 16 February 1842, after going missing from his beat in the early hours of 23 December 1841, when it was suspected he was assaulted by several persons and thrown off a bridge into the river.


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Cambridge Borough Police

Detective Sergeant Francis James Willis
Died 4 June 1930, aged 35
While questioning a student at King's College, Cambridge, about his possession of a firearm, the suspect produced a pistol and shot his tutor, the officer attempted to arrest him but was shot twice and died the next day.
A memorial plaque was erected at Cambridge Police Station.


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Huntingdonshire Constabulary

Police Sergeant Raymond George Bowland
Died 9 April 1957, aged 34
Died from an infectious disease contracted while performing search duty.


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Mid-Anglia Constabulary

Police Constable Anthony Allder
Died 19 January 1966, aged 39
Died from severe head injuries received on the night of 17 January when he was in collision with a car while on bicycle patrol on his beat at Gamlingay.

Police Constable Dennis John Spackman
Died 21 February 1967, aged 34
While on motorcycle patrol at Meldreth, he lost control of his machine, which left the road and crashed through a fence and he was thrown into a concrete post and fatally injured.


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Cambridgeshire Constabulary

Police Constable Richard Peak
Died 18 August 1855, aged 24
Went missing from his beat at Wicken in the early hours in suspicious circumstances, he had earlier been involved in a disturbance and it was suspected he was murdered by a local gang but his body was never found.

Special Constabulary Commandant Reginald Nicholson
Died 15 November 1945, aged 68

Chief Constable William H. Edwards
Died 25 November 1945, aged 44

Both officers died as a result of injuries received on 15 November when the police car in which they were travelling together to a Special Constabulary Conference was in a head-on collision with an armoured car at Melbourn.

Detective Chief Inspector Kenneth Hunt
Died 23 October 1981, aged 48
Killed while returning to police headquarters after an investigation, when he lost control of his unmarked police car while overtaking a lorry and a car and his vehicle ran off the road into a Fenland waterway near Ramsey.

Police Constable Robert Edward Charles Reynolds
Died 28 November 1984, aged 47
Whilst engaged on an extended tour of duty with a Police Support Unit, during the national miners' strike, at Tilmastone Colliery in Kent, he was on standby in a police van when he collapsed and died of heart failure.

Police Constable Alan John Lee
Died 10 September 2002, aged 37
Killed in a road traffic accident whilst reporting for duty at Thorpe Wood, when his motor scooter was in collision with a bus outside the police station.

Police Constable Andreas Giovanni Newbery

Died 5 February 2003, aged 34
The officer was at the rear of his marked police car on the hard shoulder of the A1 motorway near Alconbury, preparing to protect the scene of a vehicle collision, when a passing car spun out of control in the icy road conditions and struck the officer, causing multiple injuries from which he died at the scene.

Detective Constable Karen Paterson
Died 6 January 2012, aged 44
She was driving along King Street near Langtoft heading in to work to commence duty when her car was in a collision with another vehicle, fatally injuring her.


Detective Constable Sharon Garrett
Died 6 June 2014, aged 48
She sustained fatal injuries whilst driving home from duty when her car was involved in a collision with two other cars and a lorry.

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